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Choosing Between Different Deer Fencing

NRV Fence & Handrail, LLC, Offers a Variety of Fences to Keep Deer Out

We’re blogging about choosing between different deer fencing to kick off the new year. If you have a garden, a crop field, or a lawn, you probably don’t want deer to get invade. They’ll damage your flowers’, leaves, eat crops, and burn your grass with their droppings. At NRV Fence & Handrail, LLC, we offer different fences to help keep deer out. You can get:




Chain-Link and Privacy Fences are Popular Deer Fencing Types Because They’re Durable

The two most popular fencing homeowners get to keep deer out are chain-link and privacy fences. Both privacy and chain-link fencing options can withstand the elements. Chain-link fencing is more affordable than privacy, but privacy fencing tends to be more attractive. Privacy fencing is expensive to build, but you can get fences as high as eight feet. Chain-link fencing is difficult for the average person to install, but, once installed, they last a long time.


When Choosing Deer Fencing for Your Property, Consider:


  • The height you want
  • If you need to include gates
  • Possible long-term repairs
  • The material’s durability



Mesh and Wire Fences Each Have Their Own Attributes to Consider

Polypropylene mesh fencing is plastic fencing attached to vertical posts. Mesh fences are affordable and, when breaking loads of 800+ pounds are installed tightly, they easily keep deer out. Wire fences have been the go-to choice for gardeners and farmers over the years. They’re easy to install and durable. Furthermore, wire fencing with polyethylene-coated options blend into the landscape. One downside for both mesh and wire fencing is they need to be staked into the ground.


For more information on fence and handrail options, call NRV Fence & Handrail, LLC, at (540) 392-8060. Our contractors are happy to further help you with choosing between different deer fencing.