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The Benefits and Maintenance of Aluminum Fences

NRV Fence & Handrail, LLC is an Expert on Aluminum Fencing’s Value

Why is understanding the benefits and maintenance of aluminum fences important? NRV Fence & Handrail LLC has established us as fencing experts in the New River Valley for 15 years. For our inaugural, quarterly blog, we want readers to realize the advantages of choosing aluminum fences as a fencing option. This affordable fencing option adds aesthetics and security to any home or business. It also comes in a vast range of colors and styles. An aluminum fence is

  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Lasting
  • Durable
  • Cost Effective

Aluminum Fences Are Made as Low-Maintenance Fencing Options

Aluminum fences don’t require a lot of maintenance to be effective. You don’t need to repaint or re-stain them because they’re covered in a powder paint coating while they undergo manufacturing. This coating fuses the paint to the fencing surface; that way, the fencing lasts for several years without looking worn. Basically, the coating tends to hold the fence’s color in all types of weather. Neither bugs nor mold can penetrate aluminum fences. The only aspect that isn’t low-maintenance about aluminum fences is you need to hose them down every so often. Otherwise, regular maintenance of aluminum fences isn’t generally necessary; they’re a once-and-done fencing option.

Aluminum Fences are Long Lasting—Often for Decades, Post-Install

While there isn’t much you can guarantee in life, you can depend upon the lifespan of an aluminum fence. Barring any extreme act of nature, an aluminum fence is long-lasting—often for upwards of 30 years! Why is an aluminum fence so long lasting? Aluminum doesn’t contain any iron. Iron rusts due to a chemical reaction called oxidation. During oxidation, iron turns into iron oxide, which appears reddish and flaky. This can become worse over time. Damp or rainy weather, generally doesn’t damage aluminum fences in such a manner, despite exposure to moisture.

Magnesium and the Lack of Iron Cause Aluminum Fences to Be Durable

Magnesium is the primary alloying agent in aluminum that creates its durability. The lack of iron in aluminum also makes aluminum fences durable. This type of fencing is near impervious to rust and rotting, and it’s resistant to corrosion. Neither moisture nor sunlight usually damage aluminum fences like this. Even though this type of fencing is durable, scratches happen. Never fear, though … touch-ups are simple, and usually require just a little paint. Even if ice, hail, rain, snow, sunlight, or termites attack this type of fencing, an aluminum fence often remains steadfast. In fact, recycled materials go into making many aluminum fences, making them an environmentally friendly fencing option.

As Durable and Low Maintenance, Aluminum Fences are Cost Effective

Because aluminum fences are low maintenance and durable, they tend to be cost effective. When narrowing down the costs for fencing options, many people consider the price of materials and their versatility. They also consider the cost of the fencing’s installation.

Cost of Materials

While up front, aluminum fencing might cost more than others, it costs less to send out. Why does it cost less? The lightweight material costs less to ship than heavier fence materials. Paying less to ship anything makes that item more cost effective.

Installation Costs

Installing aluminum is often easier. Reason being: the lighter material. The lightweight composition of aluminum makes installing an aluminum fence less expensive. If it’s less expensive, it’s more cost effective.


Because of how easily the metal is shaped, aluminum has versatility. This makes aluminum more cost effective. Aluminum can adapt to differing landscapes. Most can curve with the slopes of various landscapes, creating an appealing appearance.

Though Low-Maintenance, Here’s How to Maintain Aluminum Fences

Even though they’re low maintenance, aluminum fences still need maintained. Yes, they’re long lasting and also cost effective. However, if you don’t keep aluminum fences clean, and you don’t deal with damages immediately, it can cut short their lifespan.

How to Clean an Aluminum Fence

Because aluminum doesn’t rust, using water and mild cleaning products tends to keep aluminum fences in good condition. Staying in good condition keeps aluminum fences long lasting. To clean stains, we recommend using warm water and a gentle dish soap to remove most blemishes. For more difficult stains, you might need to use a bristle brush with the water and dish soap. After removing any stain, you should spray the fence with a garden hose, not a power washer. Power washers can actually damage aluminum fences and other metal fencing. Be sure to rinse the aluminum fence from top to bottom, so it doesn’t have dirt streaks.

Inspect and Repair Aluminum Fences as Often as Possible

In addition to keeping your fencing clean, you should inspect it regularly, despite aluminum fences being low maintenance. Look carefully for broken rails, loose posts, uneven fencing and gates, and broken hardware. If you catch these things early enough, it can save you from paying for future expensive repairs. We recommend repairing these damages as soon as you find them, or call the fencing contractor that did the installation. The faster you make the repairs, the less likely the rest of the fence will incur damage. The fewer the repairs, the more cost effective your aluminum fence will remain.

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