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Maintenance of Wood Fencing

Essential Fence Care Tips from NRV Fence & Handrail LLC in Radford, VA

Learn about the maintenance of wood fencing in our first blog of 2024. Wooden fences, with their classic appeal, not only demarcate boundaries but also amplify the aesthetic charm of a property. However, just as with any woodwork, they require periodic attention to stand tall against the ravages of time. NRV Fence & Handrail LLC in Radford, VA helps clients maintain wood fences. Let’s break down some quintessential maintenance measures:


Painting (More Than Just Aesthetics)

The first step to a durable finish is selecting a weather-resistant outdoor paint explicitly designed for wood surfaces. The proper paint shields the wood from moisture and UV damage.

A paint job is only as good as its preparation. Use a wire brush to remove old, flaky paint. Sanding the wood lightly ensures an even coat and better paint adherence. Priming acts as a sealant and ensures your paint doesn’t soak into the wood.


Staining (Celebrating the Natural Wood Grain)

Residents can go for transparent stains highlighting the wood’s grain or solid stains for a more uniform appearance. The staining process is more forgiving than painting when it comes to pre-application cleaning.

However, freeing the fence from dirt, mold, and previous stain traces is still essential. Ideally, homeowners should perform staining in dry, overcast conditions. Direct sunlight might lead to uneven drying and patchiness.


Pressure Washing (A Clean Fence is a Happy Fence)

One of the common mistakes while pressure washing is using excessive force. Begin on a low setting, escalating only if necessary to prevent wood damage. Holding the nozzle at a slight angle ensures the water doesn’t directly hit the wood, reducing the chances of damage.

Better Homes and Gardens provides safety tips on how to use a pressure washer. When used in tandem with pressure washing, it can yield remarkable results, especially against tough stains and molds.


Gate Adjustments (Pivot Your Fence’s Functionality)

The gate, being a moving part, often sees more wear and tear than other fence sections. Gate adjustments include regularly inspect hinges, latches, and adjoining posts for signs of strain. A simple solution to a creaky gate is periodic lubrication. It ensures the hinges move smoothly, prolonging their lifespan.

Gates may sag over time, and besides being aesthetically displeasing, they might become dysfunctional. Employing a turnbuckle or an anti-sag gate kit can rectify this issue. Regularly ensure that the gate’s latch and its striker plate align perfectly. Misalignment can lead to the entrance not closing securely.


For more information about wooden fence upkeep, call NRV Fence and Handrail, LLC at (540) 392-8060. Visit our Facebook page for the latest news and information about company happenings in Radford, VA. We are happy to discuss more about the maintenance of wood fencing.