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Aging in Place with Helpful Handrails

Aging in Place with Helpful Handrails

Learn the Importance of Handrails While Aging in Place

Find information about aging in place with helpful handrails at NRV Fence & Handrail LLC. Handrails serve as an essential tool to ensure the safety of seniors at home. These supportive barriers can prevent potential falls – one of seniors’ most common accidents.

Falls can lead to significant injuries, ranging from fractures to more severe conditions, especially for osteoporosis patients. APA medical explains the benefits of adding a house handrail. Knowing that there are supportive structures around the house can alleviate the anxiety of moving about.


NRV Fence & Handrail LLC: Choosing the Right Handrail in Radford, VA

In Radford, VA, NRV Fence & Handrail LLC has become a trusted name for all fencing and handrail needs. But what sets us apart when it comes to handrails for seniors? Here’s what NRV Fence & Handrail LLC in Radford, VA, offers its customers:


Customization: Every home is unique, as is every individual’s requirement. NRV Fence & Handrail understands this, and offers custom handrail solutions. Whether you need a particular shape, length, or design, they provide what’s best suited for your home.

Quality Material: NRV Fence & Handrail uses high-grade materials to ensure that the handrails are sturdy, durable, and can withstand pressure over time. We offer a range of materials, from metal to wood, all of which provide the maximum grip and support.


Affordable, Professional Installation for Added Safety

Professional Installation: The effectiveness of a handrail is also determined through installation. NRV Fencing & Handrail LLC ensures that the railings fit securely, and minimize any risk of coming loose.

Affordability: Aging in place should be a relatively inexpensive affair. NRV Fence & Handrail LLC offers competitive pricing, ensuring safety isn’t a strain on your pockets.


As we plan for our golden years, making proactive decisions is crucial. Installing handrails around your home is one such decision that can make a significant difference. Whether it’s navigating stairs, moving around the bathroom, or walking in the hallway, handrails can make everyday life easier.


For additional tips on aging in place, call NRV Fence and Handrail, LLC at (540) 392-8060. Check out our Facebook page for the latest company happenings in the Radford, VA, region. Our contractors will help you understand aging in place with helpful handrails.