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Summer security with fencing

Summer Security with Fencing

NRV Fence & Handrail LLC Keeps You Safe in the Summer

NRV Fence & Handrail LLC offers options for summer security with fencing. The summer season is synonymous with warm temperatures, BBQs, and time spent outdoors with family and friends. For many homeowners, backyards, patios, and pools are the focal points of summer fun. However, with all the activities comes the responsibility of ensuring safety and security.


Summer Security for Pools, Yards, and Patios in Radford, VA

At NRV Fence & Handrail LLC in Radford, VA, we pride ourselves on helping residents enjoy their outdoor spaces safely. Here are some expert tips to make sure your pool, yard, and patio are both fun and secure this summer:


Secure Your Pool Area

A pool can be a source of endless fun during the hot months. Without proper safety precautions, pools can also be a hazard. NRV Fence & Handrail can install a fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate around your pool area. Doing so can prevent unsupervised access by children and pets, reducing the risk of accidents.

We will ensure the fence is at least four feet high and has small gaps. Consider adding pool alarms that notify you if someone enters the pool unexpectedly. A sturdy pool cover can prevent accidental falls into the water when the pool is not in use.


Yard Safety

Fence yard safety is paramount for the security and well-being of inhabitants and visitors. Homes with children, pets, or swimming pools must have a fenced yard. The Pinnacle List explains several advantages of having a fence on your premises.

Additionally, in properties with pools, a secure fence helps reduce the risk of accidental drownings by restricting unsupervised access. Periodic inspection for weak points, functioning latches, and fence height are all crucial for optimizing yard safety.


Patio Protection

Fences around patios not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of an outdoor space but also offer valuable protection. They serve as a shield against unwanted intruders, curious wildlife or potential trespassers. Furthermore, fences can protect patio furniture and accessories from the elements, especially if supplemented with appropriate foliage or additional coverings.


For those looking to enjoy their outdoor spaces without interruption or worry, consider a well-designed and sturdy fence.

NRV Fence and Handrail, LLC offers great fencing options and quality installation. Give us a call at (540) 392-8060, and like us on Facebook to learn about more options for summer security.